Soul Alignment Coaching and Healing

Empowering you to live in alignment with your Soul

and express your highest feminine potential

Soul Alignment Coaching and Healing is right for you if you are feeling called to break free of limitations, be more authentically yourself and make meaningful changes in your personal life and career. Whether you are already in the process of making major life changes or are longing to start the process, you are in the right place.

Be supported to transform your life so you can live in alignment with your Soul and express your feminine potential. Soul Alignment Coaching and Healing can help you to:


  • Develop deep self-insight into the patterns, limitations and challenges in your life. Clarify an inspiring vision for your life.
  • Be guided through processes to explore and discover your Life and Soul Purpose.
  • Be supported with transformational techniques to help you break free of old programming, limiting patterns and beliefs and difficult emotional states that no longer serve you.
  • Be guided through techniques to develop a stronger connection to your spirituality, intuition and sense of well-being.
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Jill’s Journey to Soul Alignment Coaching and Healing

In her personal journey, Jill has dedicated herself to healing limiting patterns, beliefs and emotions, and empowering herself to live authentically in alignment with her Soul and feminine potential.  She is passionate about sharing her wisdom and supporting women to break free of limitations and realise the full potential of their Soul.

Alongside her background in Psychology and Career Coaching, Jill has extensively explored transpersonal approaches to growth and healing, such as voice dialogue, energy psychology approaches, including EFT and EMDR and many different methods of spiritual/energy healing. She has deeply explored the Sacred Feminine and feminine spiritual practices which enhance feminine potential. In her sessions, she draws on all of these approaches to support you.

Soul Alignment Coaching and Healing Services

Soul Alignment Coaching

Supports you to gain deep insight into who you are, and empowers you, using transformational techniques, to make changes that align you with your Soul and potential.

Holistic Career Coaching – Life Purpose Coaching

Holistic Career Coaching sessions or a 4 session Career Change Program to help you discover a career that you feel passionate about and that aligns with your Life Purpose.

Spiritual and Energy Healing

These healing sessions facilitate clearing and balancing of your energy field and chakra system, help to release subconsciously held beliefs and emotional patterns, and connect you to higher vibrational frequencies to realign you with your Soul.

Transpersonal Counselling

This approach focuses on healing, growth, potential and alignment with Spirit. You will be guided to understand your challenges from both a psychological and spiritual perspective and learn transformational approaches for growth and healing.

Soul Alignment Workshop

This workshop is called “Your Divine Self” and includes 5 modules to support you in Soul alignment, which are: manage your energy field, change limiting beliefs and patterns, emotional healing techniques, connect with your divinity, and Sacred Feminine archetypes.

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Live more

authentically in

alignment with

your Soul



Lotus flower representing enlightenment and authenticiy
lotus flower

Express your

feminine potential

Waterfall representing healing
lotus flower

Break free of

limiting patterns,

beliefs and emotions

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