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Welcome to Sacred Feminine Healing

Empowering women to express their highest feminine potential through Sacred Feminine healing, coaching, counselling and art.

Would you like to:

  • Increase your self-worth and feel more authentic?
  • Release disturbances in your energy field (toxins, energy blockages, traumatic or distressing memories, limiting beliefs and suppressed emotions), which are impacting your ability to change and align with your original blueprint and your potential?
  • Feel more vitality, inner-harmony and health, release fear, anxiety and stress and release negative experiences and perceptions from childhood?
  • Let go of old unhelpful patterns, such as trying to please others, being overly responsible or fitting in?
  • Unhook from the inner and outer patriarch?
  • Learn to quiet and calm your mind?
  • Connect to your creativity?
  • Develop a stronger connection to your intuition?
  • Make empowering changes that bring you a greater sense of balance, happiness and connection to your Soul?
  • Feel more whole as a woman and connect with the wisdom, healing and power of the Sacred Feminine?
  • Feel like you are living in line with your Soul Purpose?
  • Understand your energy body and develop a stronger connection to your spirituality?

If so, I would love to talk to you about how I can help.

Woman meditating and feeling at peace

How I can help

I empower women to heal and let go of limiting patterns so that they can live more authentically in alignment with their Soul and express their highest feminine potential. 

I offer transformational Healing and Coaching sessions, Holistic Counselling and Spiritual/Energy Healing sessions. I also offer a Sacred Feminine workshop called “Your Divine Self” which includes 5 modules which are: manage your energy field, change limiting beliefs and patterns, emotional healing techniques, connect with your divinity, and Sacred Feminine archetypes. In addition to my therapeutic and healing work, I am passionate about Sacred Feminine artwork, in which I combine particular aspects or archetypes of the Sacred Feminine with figurative art and portraiture.

Peaceful forest representing healing
lotus flower

Connect with your

Sacred Feminine



Lotus flower representing enlightenment and authenticiy
lotus flower

Live more

authentically in

alignment with

your Soul

Waterfall representing healing
lotus flower

Heal and transform

limiting patterns,

beliefs and emotions