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About Jill

In my personal journey, I have dedicated myself to healing, letting go of limiting patterns and emotions, and empowering myself to live authentically in alignment with my Soul and my feminine potential.  I am passionate about supporting women to heal, awaken their consciousness, break free of limitations and realise the full potential of their Soul.  I combine all of my skills including psychology, energy healing, emotional healing techniques, spiritual and Sacred Feminine practices, coaching, counselling and artwork to support women to express their highest feminine potential.

Here is some of my journey…

Growing up, I could see people in my family and around me struggling with their emotions, their self-worth, unresolved trauma and their relationships, and I was too. From a young age I wanted to figure out how to help myself and other people to feel better but I couldn’t make sense of it as a child, and being naturally sensitive and empathic, I became very affected by everyone around me. I developed a passion for psychology in my teens and also had some profound spiritual experiences. I went to Uni to study psychology and qualified and worked as a Clinical Psychologist for many years. I gained some really helpful knowledge, but it didn’t give me all the answers I was looking for. I felt a strong desire to look beyond academic study and traditional psychology to really understand people more deeply. This led me to study all sorts of alternative psychological and psycho-spiritual frameworks and therapies over the years, including emotional processing approaches, voice dialogue, mindfulness, epigenetics and energy healing. I have learnt from some amazing and innovative people and have grown and healed so much myself, which I am deeply grateful for.  I have found that working with the energy field, chakras and biofield can help people to more easily shift beliefs, emotions and patterns that are held unconsciously. I have trained in many energy healing approaches over the years, including Reiki, Sound Therapy, Chakra Healing, ThetaHealing™, Angel Healing and Biofield Healing Immersion™.

Early on I became very passionate about supporting and empowering myself and other women, particularly having grown up in an environment which left me feeling disempowered and devalued as a woman and controlled by patriarchal values. I have spent a great deal of time helping myself and other women to heal emotional distress, change limiting beliefs and behaviour patterns and express our unique strengths and gifts, and connect more authentically to Soul. I believe that as we become truly empowered as women, confident in who we are, open-heartedly expressing our unique gifts, then we can have a positive and uplifting effect on everyone around us and the world. Along the way I developed a passion for exploring Goddess mythology and archeytypes of the Sacred Feminine as a way of tapping into different aspects of the Sacred Feminine and connect with more of our potential as women. I have explored this through meditation, reading and attending courses in Goddess archetypes and mythology, and I have completed a very sacred 9-month Priestess training through the Tantric Rose Mystery School, following the Isis-Magdelane lineage.

As I explored the Sacred Feminine in myself, I became passionate about expressing myself creatively and began to take painting classes and my passion for Sacred Feminine artwork was born.  I found that painting images of the Sacred Feminine helped me to embody different archetypal energies, which I could then express in my life more easily.  I have found that by meditating with images of the Sacred Feminine, along with other Sacred Feminine practices, that it is easier to bring these transformational archetypal energies more into my everyday life. The walls of my house are now covered in Sacred Feminine artwork!! 

I now love to support women through Transformational Healing and Coaching sessions, Spiritual/Energy Healing and Holistic Counselling.  I also offer a workshop called “Your Divine Self” and Sacred Feminine artwork, combining aspects of the Sacred Feminine with figurative art and portraiture.

Photo of Jill McAlister