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Contact details:

Phone: 0432 745 253

Email: jill@sacredfemininehealing.com.au


To make a booking for any of the services, you can phone or email me or use the contact form.

You can also use the Halaxy calendar below to make an online booking for an individual session.

Appointments for Sacred Feminine Healing & Coaching sessions:

I offer Telehealth appointments to women all over Australia using a secure and encrypted video-conferencing platform called Coviu. I am available on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

Telehealth sessions are just as effective as in person sessions for coaching and energy healing. Energy healing by distance works because of the concept in quantum physics called “entanglement,” which is when one energy source entangles with another and they can influence each other.  So during energy healing, I can connect with a hologram of your energy field in my location and facilitate healing and you will feel the effects instantly where you are.

 You can also book a 15 minute free discovery to discuss how I can support you.


Payment is taken at the end of the session by providing your credit card details and I will email you a receipt.

Halaxy Calendar for bookings: 

To make an online booking for an individual session, choose your service:

  • Sacred Feminine Healing 60 minutes
  • Sacred Feminine Healing & Coaching 90 minutes
  • 15 minute Discovery Call

Then select your day/time and fill in your details.

Sacred Feminine Healing room