Life Purpose Coaching

Discover & Create Your Life Purpose

Do you want to find a career/life direction that aligns with your Life and Soul Purpose?

In this Life Purpose coaching program, we explore your career and life in a holistic way. We help you to identify and create a career/life direction that you feel passionate about – one which provides you with a unique sense of life purpose and reflects your unique talents and gifts.

Focus of Life Purpose Coaching

  • Undertake in-depth psychological self-discovery – explore your core values, personality style, skills and passions, and career interests. I provide you with access to online tools for you to complete these assessments, which includes detailed reports and recommended careers for the personality and interest assessments.
  • Undertake Soul reflection questions/exercises to connect with a deeper understanding of your purpose. Receive guidance from your Higher Self about your Soul and Life purpose.
  • Identify your unique Career and Life Purpose and Create a Vision for the future.
  • Identify obstacles to your success, such as limiting beliefs or behaviour patterns, and develop a growth and healing plan to help you succeed.
  • Develop an action plan to create your vision.

This program will help you to understand yourself in a very holistic way, as Jill brings together her skills as an experienced Career Coach, Psychologist and Soul Alignment Coach.

Life Purpose Program Sessions

Session 1:  Detailed review of your career/life history, including highs and lows, aspirations and dreams. Completion of Soul reflection and life purpose questions. Homework activity is to complete online values and skills card sorts and assessment of knowledge areas and career/personal achievements.

Session 2:  Review of most important values and preferred skills and discussion of how they have played a role in your life and implications for career/life direction. Review of knowledge areas and achievements. Homework activity is to complete the online personality style and career interests questionnaires.

Session 3:  Review of personality style and career interests and implications for career/life direction. Receive guidance about your Soul and life purpose from your Higher Self. Identification of top career/life options to explore. Homework activity is to research the top options and complete the decision-making exercise.

Session 4:  Review of research, future self visualisation to create a vision for your life. Identification of obstacles and development of a growth and healing plan. Goal setting and action plan to create your life purpose.  



Complete Life Purpose Coaching Program:

It involves 4 x 75 minutes weekly or fortnightly sessions. It costs $648 plus $91 for access to online career assessment tools and detailed reports, total cost is $739. 

Individual Life Purpose or Holistic Career Coaching Sessions:

An individual 75 minute coaching session costs $180 plus the cost of any online assessment tools.

All sessions are offered via telehealth, using a secure and encrypted video-conferencing platform.

Contact Jill for more information using the contact form.  Book a free 15 minute discovery call to explore if this is right for you or make an online booking.

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