Soul Alignment Coaching

Do you long to break free of limitations, be more authentically yourself and make meaningful changes in alignment with your Soul?

Soul Alignment Coaching helps you to gain deep insight into who you are and how to align your life with your Soul and potential.  You will gain clarity about the challenges and patterns you are here to heal and resolve, so you can align with your highest vision of what you are here to create. You will also learn empowering ways to break free of limitations. 

Focus of Soul Alignment Coaching

    • Understand the themes/patterns/challenges in your life from your Soul’s perspective.
    • Become clear about your desired reality and goals and your highest vision for your life. Identify the blocks to change, including limiting beliefs and patterns.
    • Learn ways to release limiting emotional, belief and behaviour patterns using powerful transformational techniques.
    • Explore your energy body, including learning how to ground yourself, open to spiritual energy, clear your energy field and chakras, call back your energy and release others’ energies.
    • Connect with your spiritual nature, including learning how to listen to your Soul and intuition and explore your Soul gifts and Life Purpose.
    • Connect with your creative feminine power and Shakti life force.

Transformational Techniques to Facilitate Soul Alignment

Jill has a background in Psychology, Healing, Spiritual Development and Coaching. In her Soul Alignment Coaching approach. Jill draws on transpersonal approaches to growth and healing, emotional and energy healing techniques and Sacred Feminine and Spiritual practices to support you.

Some of the transformational techniques we may use include:

  • Powerful techniques for emotional healing and changing limiting beliefs. These include: including inner child journalling, learning about inner parenting, emotional inquiry, the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and


  • Transpersonal psychology techniques, such as Voice Dialogue, to increase your self-awareness and change long standing psychological patterns, e.g. needing to please others.
  • Coaching in practical skills
  • Spiritual development skills to increase your connection to your Soul/Higher Self, increase your intuition and the Shakti life force flowing through you.
  • Energy and Spiritual healing and receiving guidance from your Higher Self and the spiritual realm to explore your life and challenges from a higher perspective.


    4 Session Soul Alignment Coaching Package:

    A 10% discount is given for this package. It includes 4 x 75 minutes sessions and cost $648 payable upfront. 

    Individual Soul Alignment Coaching Sessions:

    An individual 75 minute Soul Alignment Coaching session costs $180.

     All sessions are offered via telehealth, using a secure and encrypted video-conferencing platform.

    Contact Jill for more information using the contact form.  Book a free 15 minute discovery call to explore if this is right for you or make an online booking.

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