Module 1: Manage Your Energy Field

Do you often feel ungrounded or take on other people’s emotions and energies?  In this module you will learns skills in how to ground yourself, open to spiritual energy, clear your energy field and chakras, call back your energy and release others’ energies.  We also discuss how to increase your energy awareness and how your beliefs and behaviour patterns can negatively affect the way you manage your energy.

Module 2: Change Limiting Beliefs and Patterns

You will identify the limiting beliefs and behaviour patterns that are negatively impacting your life. We explore where they come from, how they keep you stuck or repeating unhelpful situations and we will discuss techniques to change them.

Module 3: Emotional Healing Techniques

We explore the importance of being aware of, accepting, healing and integrating your emotions for your overall well-being and happiness. You will be introduced to a range of ways to work with and heal difficult or painful emotions, including inner child journalling, learning about inner parenting, emotional inquiry and the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT).

Module 4: Connect with Your Divinity

We explore spiritual practices and meditations to help you connect with the Creator of All That Is, the Angelic realm and your Higher Self for spiritual support and guidance. We start to explore Life Purpose, including how to identify what are the lessons your Soul wants you to integrate in this lifetime, as well as what are the unique gifts that you have to offer the world.

Module 5: Sacred Feminine Archetypes

We explore different Sacred Feminine archetypes and how they can empower you on your Soul’s journey.  We discuss different archetypes that are relevant to your journey, how they are playing out in your life or how their absence is impacting you. We do an invocation and meditation to help you open up to particular sacred feminine archetypes.

Spiritual support for Soul Alignment

Workshop Details and Pricing

This workshop is conducted online with 5 weekly 90 minute sessions, with in-between session tasks to integrate your skills.

It is conducted in small groups and costs $249pp (minimum of 4 people).

Contact Jill for more information about the workshop using the contact form. 

Individual Spiritual Coaching

For individual spiritual development and coaching  sessions, book in for Soul Alignment Coaching.

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