Finding your Life Purpose means finding a way of contributing to the world that feels worthwhile at a deep level, provides you with a sense of joy and utilises your natural talents and gift.


How do you discover your Life Purpose?

In order to discover your life purpose and identify a career/life direction you feel passionate about, you need to look within and do some deep self-reflection.

Important Values/Personality Style

What are your most important values in your career and life? Is it important to you to be able to express yourself creatively in some way? Are you highly social and love being socially connected a lot of the time? Or do you prefer to have time to yourself to think deeply about things and only interact with others on an individual basis? Think about the times you’ve been happiest and thrived in your life and reflect on why? Reflecting on the times you’ve been miserable can also be a useful way to understand yourself.

Skills and Passions

What skills are you passionate about using? Which activities bring you joy or energise you and give you a sense of flow? Being in flow means becoming immersed in an activity and being fully present. What activities do you find yourself engaging in even when you’re not being paid for it? Do you spend time researching nutrition? Do you find yourself painting or fixing things? Do you naturally take charge in a situation? What do your loved ones say they value about you? Reflecting on which activities drain you can also be very revealing.

Deeper Reflections

If you had all the money and support you needed, how would you spend your time? What would you change? Let yourself write freely and explore all of your hidden dreams.

What bothers you about the world? What do you passionately wish was different about the world? Who do you most want to help? If you could transform the world into your most ideal version, what would the world be like? What 2 or 3 skills or qualities would you most like to use to transform the world to be closer to your ideal version?

There are many useful tools and questionnaires that can help you to understand yourself and what makes you tick. The key to finding your Life Purpose is to take the time for this deeper self-reflection. If we don’t look within, we end being guided by the external environment and other people’s ideas about how we should live our life.

Vision and Plan

Once you are clear about your Life Purpose, it is really helpful to write it out in a simple statement, and come back to it on a regular basis to help guide your decision making. You also want to create a vision for how to want your life to look. Finally you need a practical action plan to make it happen. Creating our Life Purpose can be challenging, so identifying the obstacles and what support you need to overcome them is key.

Your Life Purpose will Evolve

Your Life Purpose is unique and may look very different from other peoples. It is being guided from within, so don’t be too quick to seek approval from others. As you evolve and grow in your life, your Life Purpose will evolve or the way you express your Life Purpose in your life and career may change.

Jill specialises in empowering women to change break free of their limitations and transform their lives to align with their Soul and live with purpose. She offers Holistic Career Coaching and a Life Purpose program, in which she brings together her skills as a Career Coach, Psychologist and Soul Coach. She also worked for many years as a Clinical Psychologist and Career Coach in private practice, at the Careers Centre of UNSW and for a consulting company providing outplacement counselling.

For more information on her Soul Alignment and Life Purpose Coaching, see her coaching services.