Unmet needs and trauma from our childhood can leave imprints in our chakra system and energy field, which in turn, impacts our psychological functioning and emotional and mental health.  Energy healing can help to release disturbances from your energy field, and help you heal limiting emotions, beliefs and trauma and align you with your Soul.


Our energy field

Each human being is comprised of an energetic system that is highly integrated with the physical body, emotional systems and spiritual being of the individual.  Our energy field is a quantum-level information field that influences, instructs and organises our physical body (our biochemical, cellular, and neurological processes). Our chakras are spinning wheels of energy that connect our energy body to our physical body. They bring vital life force into our physical body via our endocrine glands and meridian and nadi network.  We store trauma, unresolved emotions and beliefs in our energy field, chakras, meridian system and organs. This impacts our mental, emotional and physical state, and our ability to align with our Soul and express our highest potential.

Impact of our childhood on our energy field

Each chakra is associated with different psychological functioning. For example, our first chakra is associated with our needs for safety and survival, our second chakra is associated with needs related to our close relationships, community and sense of belonging, and our third chakra is associated with needs related to self-esteem, identity and recognition.  The emotional, physical and spiritual environment that we grow up in has an impact on our energy field and chakra system.  For example, conflictual or unloving relationships between our parents, physical, sexual or emotional trauma and our needs not being met can leave imprints in our chakra system and energy field, which can distort the functioning of our chakras, and thus our sense of identity, emotional well-being and belief system.  This, in turn, affects the decisions and choices we make in life.  Important needs include our physical needs, such as good nutrition and shelter, and a sense of safety and harmony in our environment, and our emotional needs, such as feeling loved and accepted for who we are, our feelings listened to and validated, a sense of belonging, feeling supported with life’s challenges and recognised for our unique strengths.

Many people have grown up with 1 or more of their core psychological, physical or emotional needs not being met, which then impacts them as an adult.  For example, if, rather than an environment of unconditional love and harmony in our first year, we were born into a conflictual or unloving environment at home or in our community, or our parents were struggling with their own mental health, then this impacts the development of our first chakra.  Our first or root chakra is associated with our sense of safety and connection to the earth.  If our needs for physical, emotional and energetic safety were not met, then this can leave people prone to a generalised anxiety as an adult, where they tend to find change difficult, have a strong need for control, and don’t feel safe in the unknown.  They tend to make decisions based on staying safe rather than following their heart, for example, not leaving a job or relationship that no longer is good for them.  Similarly, our other chakras can also be impacted.

What is energy healing?

Through energy healing, it is possible to facilitate clearing of your chakra and meridian system and energy field, to release disturbances (energy blockages, traumatic or distressing memories, limiting beliefs and suppressed emotions), which are causing your symptoms and patterns and impacting your ability to change. The aim is to help you let go of the “noise” in your system, help you process suppressed emotions, and help you to align with your original blueprint, your potential and your Soul.  There are many different and amazing approaches to energy healing.

Jill’s Sacred Healing approach

Sacred Healing is a Soul-centred approach, combining energy healing, psychology and spiritual coaching.  It helps you to heal limiting emotions, beliefs and trauma from your energy system and empowers you to connect with your Soul desires and express your highest potential. 

In Jill’s Sacred healing sessions, she first focuses on exploring your desired reality, goals and Soul desires.  Then she explores your current reality, including your symptoms, history, blocks to change, including any traumatic or distressing memories, unmet childhood needs, limiting beliefs and suppressed emotions that may be contributing to your symptoms. She will also assess your energy field and chakras to provide feedback on how they may be contributing to your current reality. She can help you to understand your inner psycho-spiritual dynamics developed in childhood and how they may be playing a role in your current reality.  Then healing sessions are tailored to your needs and Soul desires, however include clearing of the disturbances from your energy field, chakras and meridian system and aligning you with your Soul desires.  Sessions will also include coaching, guidance, practices and techniques for you to complete in between sessions to support the changes.  For more information see my services.