Spiritual and Energy Healing

 Spiritual and Energy Healing Sessions

Spiritual and Energy Healing sessions can facilitate clearing and balancing of your energy field and chakra system and connect you to higher vibrational frequencies to realign you with your Soul.

What is Spiritual & Energy Healing?

Spiritual and Energy Healing is a mind-body-spirit approach that enables us to shift patterns at a deeper or unconscious level. Each human being is comprised of an energetic system that is highly integrated with the physical body, emotional systems and spiritual being of the individual. Our chakras are spinning wheels of energy that connect our energy body to our physical body through our endocrine system. We store trauma, unresolved emotions and beliefs in our energy field, chakras, meridian system and organs, which impact our mental, emotional and physical state, and our ability to align with our Soul and express our highest potential.

Through spiritual and energy healing, we can facilitate clearing of your chakra system, psyche and energy field, to release disturbances, which are contributing to your limiting patterns, symptoms, beliefs or painful emotions. The aim is to help you let go of the “noise” in your system, change limiting programming, help you process suppressed emotions, open, clear and balance your chakras and help you to align with your Soul and your potential.

Jill’s Approach to Healing

Jill has trained in many energy healing approaches over the years, including Reiki, Sound Therapy, Chakra Healing, ThetaHealing™ and Angel Healing. She uses an integrated approach which involves connecting to the energy of the Creator and higher vibrational frequencies, and at times incorporating sound therapy.


Focus of Healing Sessions

  • Clearing  your energy field and chakras of disturbances and toxins
  • Releasing negative emotions and limiting beliefs
  • Supporting you to feel more balanced and recharged
  • Connecting you with higher vibrational frequencies (Creator of All That Is, Angels, Ascended Masters, Goddess archetypes) to facilitate healing, raise your consciousness and strengthen your connection with your Higher Self/Soul
  • Receiving spiritual guidance to help you identify how to align with your Soul and Soul purpose
  • Developing your intuition and energetic awareness


“Jill is amazing. So accurate. Everything she identified was relevant to my issue and her healing session was fabulous. The Angels that came in were perfect for me. I highly recommend Jill.” Helen

“This session was truly amazing! I’m so very blessed to have had this experience. I felt such a lightness after the session and it was a joy to meet Jill! Everything she said resonated with me and brought validation. Thank you so much for your guidance and healing energy!” Laura


A single 30 minute Spiritual and Energy healing session costs $75. There is a discount if you purchase a 6 session package upfront – total package costs $400.

A single 60 minute Spiritual and Energy healing session costs $150.  There is a discount if you purchase a 6 session package upfront – total package costs $800.

All sessions are offered via telehealth, using a secure and encrypted video-conferencing platform.

NB: Telehealth sessions are just as effective as in person sessions. Energy healing by distance works because of the concept in quantum physics called “entanglement”, which is when one energy source entangles with another and they can influence each other. So during a session, I can connect with a hologram of your energy field in my location and facilitate healing and you will feel the effects instantly where you are.

Contact Jill for more information using the contact form.  You can also make an online booking.

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