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How I can help

I empower women to heal and let go of limiting patterns so that they can can live more authentically in alignment with their Soul and express their highest feminine potential.  I offer:

  • Transformational Healing and Coaching sessions
  • Sacred Feminine Workshops
  • Sacred Feminine Artwork

Individual sessions can are offered via telehealth to women all over Australia, using a secure and encrypted video-conferencing platform.

Sacred Feminine Healing room

Transformational Healing & Coaching Sessions

Transformational Healing & Coaching sessions combine psychology, energy healing, emotional healing techniques, spiritual practices and coaching.  These sessions facilitate deep healing and transformation, and empower you to align with your Soul and express your highest feminine potential. 

Are you are feeling called to take the journey towards healing, wholeness and alignment with your Soul and feminine potential?

Do  you want to live a more authenticate life, following your heart and aligned with your Soul’s purpose?

These transformational healing and coaching sessions are individually tailored and unique to you, your current situation and your Soul’s desires. These sessions first help you to develop a deeper understanding of yourself, your challenges and your highest vision.  Then we use powerful healing and transformational techniques to heal emotional wounds, trauma, negative beliefs and limiting patterns, so that you can make profound changes and become more authentically in alignment with your Soul.  


  • Exploring your desired reality and goals, including your highest vision for your life.
  • Exploring your current reality, including your history, blocks to change, current challenges, unmet needs or trauma from childhood still impacting you, limiting beliefs, patterns and difficult emotions (including anxiety, low self-worth and depression).  I also assess and provide feedback on your energy field and chakras.  I draw on my background in psychology and energy healing, to help you understand your inner psycho-spiritual dynamics and how they may be playing a role in your current reality and what changes are needed to reach your highest vision.  As part of this process, we explore what may disconnect you from your feminine power, including limiting patterns, such as feeling unsafe, co-dependence or avoiding intimate relationships, not being assertive or speaking up for yourself, pleasing others, being overly responsible and sacrificing your own needs, needing to fit in and be approved of by others, and being fearful of taking risks to follow your Soul’s guidance.




    Some of the transformational techniques we may use include:

    • Energy healing techniques to facilitate clearing of your chakra system and energy field, to release disturbances (toxins, energy blockages, traumatic or distressing memories, limiting beliefs and suppressed emotions), which are impacting your ability to change and blocking you form aligning with your Soul and potential.
    • Spiritual Healing to help connect you with higher vibrational frequencies (Angels, ascended masters, Goddess archetypes) to facilitate healing, raise your consciousness and strengthen your connection with your Higher Self/Soul.
    • Emotional healing techniques to help you heal emotional wounds, for example, EMDR, EFT, emotional release and inner child processes.
    • Voice Dialogue, which is a consciousness method to help you explore different aspects of self (also known as subpersonalities).  Some aspects of your personality, such as the inner critic or pleaser may be keeping you stuck in limiting patterns, and other aspects of self you may have disowned and may benefit from integrating.
    • Coaching in Sacred Feminine and spiritual practices to increase your connection to your Soul/Higher Self, your intuition and increase the Shakti/life force flowing through you.
    • Creative/art practices to promote healing and transformation
    • Coaching in practical steps to move towards achieving your vision/desired reality, including in-between session tasks, such as journalling, healing exercises and other tasks relevant to your vision.


    75 minute transformational Healing & Coaching session costs $180.  There is a 10% discount if you purchase a 6 session package – reduced from $1080 to $972 ($162 per session).

    30 minute energy/spiritual healing sessions are available (costs $70) if you would like to have a shorter “reboot” session to focus on clearing your energy field and connecting to higher vibrational frequencies.  This can be helpful if you are feeling drained or stressed and want to get back on track.

     All sessions are offered via telehealth, using a secure and encrypted video-conferencing platform.

    NB: Telehealth sessions are just as effective as in person sessions for coaching and energy healing. Energy healing by distance works because of the concept in quantum physics called “entanglement,” which is when one energy source entangles with another and they can influence each other.  So during energy healing, I can connect with a hologram of your energy field in my location and facilitate healing and you will feel the effects instantly where you are.

    Contact Jill for more information using the contact form.  You can also make an online booking.

    Sacred Feminine Workshops

    These Sacred Feminine Workshops cover a range of topics and are focused on helping women to learn skills to heal and feel more empowered.  They include:



    Do you often feel ungrounded or take on other people’s emotions and energies?  In this workshop we cover the basics of how to ground yourself, clear your energy field and chakras, call back your energy and release others’ energies.  We also discuss how to connect with your intuition or Higher Self for guidance.


    We explore different Sacred Feminine archetypes and how they can empower you on your Soul’s journey.  We discuss different archetypes that are relevant to your journey, how they are playing out in your life or how their absence is impacting you. We do an invocation and meditation to help you open up to and embody a particular archetypal energy that you would benefit from.


    We explore ideas related to Life Purpose, including how to identify what are the lessons your Soul wants you to integrate in this lifetime, as well as what are the unique gifts that you have to offer the world. This workshop will involve reflective processes and guided meditation.


    In this workshop you will be introduced to a range of ways to work with and heal difficult or painful emotions, including inner child journalling, learning about inner parenting, emotional inquiry and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT).

    Cost:  These mini-workshops run for 2 hours each and cost $30.  Contact Jill for more information using the contact form.

    Sacred Feminine Artwork

    My Sacred Feminine Artwork is focused on helping women to embody particular attributes or archetypes of the Sacred Feminine.

    I paint images to help women connect with and embody particular attributes or archetypes of the Sacred Feminine.  Connecting with the Sacred Feminine can help us to experience more wholeness as women.  There are many aspects to her, as depicted by the many Goddesses and archetypes from around the world.  Embodying a particular Sacred Feminine archetypal energy can help us to heal, overcome certain challenges or develop a new aspect of ourself, that helps us to be more aligned with our Soul.  For example, the Egyptian Goddess Hathor is the Goddess of love and creativity and embodying her can help us to reconnect to our creative spark, and open up to more love, abundance and pleasure.  Connecting with Sekhmet can help us to activate our solar plexus chakra and connect with our strength, personal power and confidence.  Saraswati can help us to activate our third eye and higher wisdom.  Connecting with Gaia can strengthen our ability to be grounded and embody her energies.

    When creating a painting I first choose a particular Sacred Feminine archetype or attribute that I want to portray and then I create a colourful painting combining elements of the Sacred Feminine with figurative art.  Painting images of the Sacred Feminine and then meditating with them, has personally helped me to embody and bring many of these transformational archetypal energies into my everyday life.  The walls of my house and healing room are now covered in Sacred Feminine artwork! 

    For more information about Jill’s artwork, contact her using the contact form.