Self-Esteem comes from having an internal sense of self-worth. It is thinking, feeling and acting in a way that shows you accept, trust and believe in yourself. It involves valuing your uniqueness so that you can live life in a passionate and fulfilling way.

Low self-esteem can lead to a sense of emptiness or ‘not being good enough’, being overly self-critical and habitually comparing yourself to others. This can be crippling to taking action and creating what you want in life. It can also lead you to stay stuck in negative situations or relationships.

Having good self-esteem means not needing to latch onto something external to feel ‘good enough’ or numb your feelings. It means letting go of an excessive need for approval from others and trying to be ‘perfect’ in everything you do.

It means letting go of being destructively self-critical and supporting yourself, regardless of what others think.  It means taking the risk to live life according to your true values and desires, rather than “shoulds” or others’ expectations.  

Increasing your self-esteem means being authentic and knowing yourself at a deeper level and accepting who you are, including all your inner feelings, needs and desires.  It involves rediscovering your natural spontaneity, playfulness, creativity and zest for life.  If we grow up in a critical home environment or one where are unique needs and emotions were neglected, then we tend to internalise an inner critical voice, which we carry on into our adult life.  For some people it is there chronically and others it gets triggered by certain situations.

Fortunately, there are many ways to increase self-esteem, including working through unresolved trauma and emotional wounds, learning to express your feelings and be assertive, discovering your unique strengths and creative expression.  See my services if you would like to explore how Soul-centred healing, coaching or counselling can help you develop healthy self-esteem.